The one-day detox that lasts forever

Getting connected is quick and easy. You can choose when and where to get connected, as well as who you want to complete the home connection. Then, once it’s done, you can decide what to do with the extra land you’ll have to play with.

You can choose the location for your new pressure sewer system as part of planning changes to your property that may better suit your lifestyle or realise more of its potential as an investment. Our team will discuss the options with you when they come out for the site visit before installation.

Domestic treatment plants can cover as much as 160 square metres underground. Decommissioning them as part of the changeover to the sewer can make enough room for a subdivision, an extension, a swimming pool, new driveway, additional parking or substantial landscaping.

You can choose any qualified plumber to complete your home connection or let our installation team complete the entire connection. Either way, the whole process can be completed in a single day without you needing to be there.

Most importantly, you can choose to switch from the septic to a safer system sooner rather than later to clean up your own backyard and benefit the rest of the community.