Let’s all clean up our own backyards

Outdoor living in a healthy and attractive environment is one of the key attractions of living or visiting the Mornington Peninsula. As we all get connected, healthier backyards will also produce safer waterways and beaches.

If you’ve got a place on the Peninsula, you’ll know that population peaks in summer put a strain on domestic onsite sewage systems. Around 70% of local property owners are non-resident for at least part of the year, which helps to hide the underlying problems. When the occupancy rate soars during holiday periods, groundwater contamination rises and so does odour. The most recent local study found levels of E. coli and nitrogen in the groundwater.

Connection to the pressure sewer system means potential contamination will no longer be an issue. E. coli will not enter our groundwater or bores, or end up on the beaches and in the bay as it does now.

There are immediate advantages to being connected, but the benefits of your investment extend forwards across future generations. It’s an investment in a cleaner environment that our children and their children will appreciate and enjoy.