Switch from a septic backyard to a safer one

A septic tank is always a potential health hazard. Because they generally require little regular maintenance, leaking septic tanks can go undetected for years – particularly in sandy soils.

The soil right across our narrow peninsula is sandy, with groundwater quite close to the surface, so contamination of your backyard is highly likely to contribute to contamination of local waterways and the beach. Past projects such as Flinders found that, when the majority of homes connected to the network it reduced the levels of E.coli by up to 90% in local creeks and waterways.

Removing hundreds of potential health hazards will protect the local environment and community. As well as allowing visitors and residents to enjoy the beach without worry, sealing up your septic tank means you and your friends and family can make full use of your backyard to relax, play and have a barbecue with no worries about seepage, odour or health contamination.

Find out how you can check the health of your own septic system here.

By signing up for early connection, you’ll be doing your bit for the environment both within and beyond your property’s boundaries.