A project we can all be proud of

Peninsula ECO Project is part of Australia’s most ambitious sewerage project ever, using the latest pressure sewer technology and a customised control system to deliver a superior service as well as a healthier environment.

The Peninsula ECO project employs world-leading technology and we have received global awards recognising its technological innovations.

The flow through the system is managed by a uniquely advanced control system developed here in Victoria and modified especially to suit the needs of local residents, the OneBox control unit.

The OneBox manages property connections live, in real time, and monitors the whole system to slow or pause pumps in extreme peak periods to regulate flow. This control of waste water ‘traffic’ has reduced the amount of capacity required in the transfer system and reduced the total cost of the project by over $150 million.

The OneBox system has also helped minimise the environmental footprint of the project. The regulated flow system has allowed us to use smaller pipes (just 63mm in diameter) and install them using horizontal directional drilling techniques. That has meant minimal disruption to roads, pavements and nature strips.

This discreet, remotely monitored system will remove 7.2 million litres of waste water that was previously treated onsite each year, radically improving our groundwater quality. Sewer connection also broadens the scope for water recycling and treatment, making it the sustainable choice.

This is a project we can all be proud of, as a local water authority delivers an locally designed and made solution the rest of the world is already starting to follow, with our unique OneBox technology currently being trialled in New Zealand.

Learn more about OneBox, developed by iota – the technological innovation arm of South East Water.