A more adaptable and attractive asset

Every property that gets connected early will be more attractive to a lot of potential buyers than similar homes that are still on the septic. Whether or not you have plans to sell or upgrade your property, it’s reassuring to know you’re adding potential value as well as improved amenity.

Any property is a major investment, so it makes sense to protect it. Septic tanks and other onsite systems can fail at any time, with unpleasant and expensive consequences. That’s a potential drawback for people who are looking for a new home, whereas connection to the new pressure system will be seen as an added incentive.

We know some property owners have already invested in their own treatment plants, but even then the Peninsula ECO option will add value and reduce ongoing costs. Our customers tell us their treatment plant systems are subject to high electricity bills as well as ongoing maintenance costs for repairs and replacement of parts. The Peninsula ECO project offers a lifetime solution with worry-free maintenance that’s looked after by South East Water.

Freedom from the constraints of onsite sewage management doesn’t just increase the potential value of your property overnight. It also opens up new opportunities for you to add more value through renovation, redevelopment and even sub-division.

Even if all you want to do is add a new bathroom, having a sewer connection makes that easier and cheaper too.